Please review the following before submitting an inquiry to MOCA.

Maine Old Cemetery Association (MOCA) inquiries are monitored by a handful of MOCA volunteers. Whenever possible, one or more of these volunteers will provide a response to your inquiry.  

If you do not hear from someone within a week, feel free to contact us again.

In the meantime, please be advised:

  • In our lively MOCA Facebook Group, any number of our 3,000+ participants may have responses/suggestions to general inquiries.  You need to join the MOCA Facebook Group to post a question, but do not need to be a dues-paying MOCA member. Thus, inquiry responses may or may not come from those "in the know" MOCA board members or "insiders". When you have inquiries concerning MOCA business practices, ongoing projects, membership, cemetery/gravestone preservation, etc. submitting your question here will produce a response directly from one or more MOCA board members assigned to the task.
  • MOCA does not provide legal advice.  We are not lawyers!  Learn more about Maine laws related to cemeteries on our MOCA website and/or consult with an attorney for legal advice.
  • MOCA does not currently offer lookup services for cemetery transcriptions, descriptions, locations, and histories.  We encourage you to submit inquiries regarding burial locations to our MOCA Facebook Group or to our Where Are These Graves?* coordinator. Or, if you have not already done so, check with the freely available Find a Grave resource.
  • Our MOCA transcriptions database was developed over time by MOCA's dedicated volunteers. Over 7,200 cemetery  transcriptions and an online cemetery lookup are found on our members-only website, included with membership starting at only $7 annually.

Thanks for your interest in Maine's Old Cemeteries!

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