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To encourage and support the preservation, maintenance, and study of Maine's old cemeteries and their records.

Board & Committees

Standing committees of the Maine Old Cemetery Association as outlined in its Bylaws are:

Archives Committee

This committee shall maintain the archival material related to the Association.

Awards Committee

This committee issues recognition certificates to individuals or organizations they deem worthy.  They report on recipients at the annual meeting and providing a list of all recipients to the Archives Committee and the Newsletter Editor every year.  In addition, the committee recommends to the Board of Directors, for recognition by a cash award, the names of individuals or organizations to be honored by MOCA for distinctive service in the restoration and preservation of Maine cemeteries.

Cemetery Records Committee

This committee coordinates activities related to the preservation of gravestone inscriptions as records of history, art, and culture.

Cemetery Vandalism Committee

This committee coordinates communication concerning issues related to cemetery vandalism with the appropriate individuals.

Cemetery Workshop Committee

This committee organizes and schedules twice-yearly Cleaning/Leaning Workshops.  In alternate years, it organizes and schedule a conservator-led workshop which replaces the Cleaning/Leaning Workshops.

Legislation and Laws Committee

This committee promotes knowledge of the laws, legislation and issues relating to the purposes of the Association and take action to strengthen and clarify them.

Memorial Committee

This committee writes thank you and notification notes, keep an accurate record of donations to the Memorial Fund, communicate with the Treasurer as needed, and annually make arrangements for the names to be added in calligraphy to the Memorial Book.

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee prepares the Newsletter of the Association, states newsletter deadlines, and deliver the newsletters to the printer.

Nominating Committee

This committee nominates a candidate for each office and each vacant at-large Board of Directors member position as required.

Publicity Committee

Chaired by the Publicity Advisor, this committee publicizes and promotes the various activities of the Association and forward same to the Web Committee.

Website Committee

This committee maintains the MOCA website and assists with online data, services, and/or other internet-related matters. 

Special Committees

Bylaws Revision Committee
Arcadia Publishing Committee
Other groups as appointed by the board

Board Members


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