The Maine Old Cemetery Association's (MOCA's) mission is to encourage and support the preservation, maintenance, and study of old cemeteries and related records. Thus, our policies include the following:

MOCA Logo / Endorsements

  • MOCA members, businesses, or individuals shall not use the MOCA logo in any capacity, or imply that MOCA endorses and/or recommends their products or services.  
  • Membership in the Maine Old Cemetery Association (MOCA) does not constitute endorsement/approval of member products, procedures, or services. Any use of the MOCA logo is prohibited without express permission of the Maine Old Cemetery Association.

MOCA Promotions / Sales

  • MOCA may promote books, fundraising, membership, etc. on behalf of a nonprofit organization hosting a MOCA event during the same calendar year in which the event was scheduled.
  • For profit business/vendor booths will not be permitted at MOCA meetings other than for the featured speaker(s) or the hosting organization. 
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