MOCA offers two types of workshops on a recurring basis.  One type is an in-depth conservation workshop held every few years and led by a professional conservator. The other type of workshop - offered in years when we do not offer a conservator led workshop - focuses on cleaning stones and straightening leaning tablet stones.  Called Cleaning/Leaning Workshops, these hands-on learning opportunities are led by experienced MOCA members.

Cleaning/Leaning Workshop

Does your town have a cemetery that has long been neglected, that has leaning stones, and stones covered with layers of dirt and lichen?

A MOCA Cleaning/Leaning Workshop may be the answer.  During these one-day workshops, participants learn and practice valuable conservation techniques:

  • Morning Session: Instruction in cleaning gravestones.  Attendees practice cleaning techniques.
  • Afternoon Session:  Instruction on straightening leaning TABLET stones. Attendees practice new straightening skills.  Important -- the only type of stones we tackle in these workshops are TABLET stones - often slate stones are tablet stones. Stones usually need to be leaning more than 15 degrees in order to fit the criteria for needing to be straightened.

MOCA would like to hear from municipalities, historical societies, or other organizations who are willing to host a Cleaning/Leaning Workshop and commit to providing future maintenance of the cleaned/restored cemetery on a regular and continual basis once the workshop is concluded.  The deadline to submit an application for a Cleaning/Leaning workshop to be held in your community is by September 30th of the year preceding the workshop. Contact a member of the MOCA workshop committee for a Cleaning/Leaning Workshop application form or see the MOCA website. 

Conservator Led Workshop

Does your town have a cemetery that has long been neglected, that has leaning, broken stones, and stones covered with layers of dirt and lichen? Would your town, historical society, or other group be willing to host a Gravestone Conservation Workshop promoted by MOCA at such a cemetery

MOCA is always looking for municipalities, historical societies, cemetery associations, or other groups that are willing to host a conservator led workshop. There must be an upfront commitment from the sponsoring entity that, once the conservation workshop has concluded, maintenance of the cleaned/conserved cemetery will be provided on a regular and continual basis by the responsible entity. The sponsoring entity will be responsible for supplying specified materials. Cemeteries with fewer than 100 marked burials are likely too small for this type of workshop.

If your town has a badly neglected cemetery, and the municipality or a local group is interested in making the time commitment necessary to support such a workshop, and will commit to future maintenance of the cemetery, please send an e-mail to a member of the MOCA workshop committee.

Workshop Albums

The first two days of our 2014 workshop included basic instruction regarding cleaning stones and straightening leaning stones. The second and third days covered more advanced techniques, such as repairing broken stones and casting new bases in which to set stones. In addition, portions of the workshop provided instruction on mapping a cemetery and setting priorities for precedence in gravestone repair.

A similar workshop was held in 2011 at the Oxbow Cemetery in Norridgewock, with approximately fifty people participating.

See the our calendar for more information on our workshops.

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