Snow’s Cove Burying Ground and Its People

22 Dec 2016 1:45 PM | Debi Curry (Administrator)

David Simmons begins to clear a gravestone
David Simmons begins to clear a gravestone 

When, in the early days of Sedgwick, a person died it was common to bury them in a family cemetery near their homes. Some of these small burial grounds have been kept up but, as descendants pass on or move away and interest in the sites wane they can, quite quickly, be overtaken by brush and, eventually, forests.  One such cemetery is Snow’s Burying Ground which Barbara M. Grindle, in her excellent catalog listing of Sedgwick, Maine’s Cemeteries, Burying Grounds and Family Plots 1789-1999, describes as follows,     

“Snow’s Burying Ground (Frank Benson Burying Ground)    Located beside Route 175 among the blueberry fields, this cemetery is visible from the road only if you know where to look.  The oldest stone is that of J.F. Snow, son of John and Charlotte Snow, who died May 27, 1834 at the age of 2 years.”1

Snow’s Burying Ground September 2014

Over the years this cemetery’s proximity to the blueberry fields has helped because the undergrowth would be cleared when the fires burning the fields were allowed to move through the cemetery. More recently however, the blueberry fields haven’t been burned or harvested so the cemetery has become overgrown with brush and brambles. In 2014 David and Ellen Simmons took an interest in the cemetery and, with the kind permission of land owners David and Jake Carter, they began to clear Snow’s Burying Ground.

The cemetery is on land originally owned by Seth B. Grindle (1804- ) who was a sea captain, a farmer and who, in his later years, ran a navigation school.  It is said that he had 4 wives-not at the same time.2   In time the land was sold to John Gray and, in 1911 when it passed to Frank Benson (Hancock Deed Registry Book 484 Page 199), the burying ground on the property was recognized in the following paragraph; 

“On the south east by land formerly owned by Isaac Closson, thence on the southwest by land formerly owned by J.F. Gray, thence on the northwest by said J.F. Gray, thence on the northeast by land formerly owned by John Gray, the same being known as the Seth B. Grindle homestead, containing about thirty five acres. Reserving a graveyard and a right away to same.” 3 

Charlotte Wife of Capt. John Snow Died June 9, 1840 At 35.
As for me I will behold thy face in righteousness. I shall be satisfied when I wake in thy likeness.
By the side of his mother lies J.F son of John and Charlotte Snow died May 27, 1834. Age 2 years

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Snow, Walter A., et al., The Grindle Family of Hancock County, Maine, 1978. See page 192

Hancock County Registry of Deeds, Book 484 Page 199

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